Dalton Farm Homeowners Association

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The main purpose of the Dalton Farm HOA Architecture Review Board (ARB) is to insure that any changes to the exterior of the homes and to the grounds preserve the look of Dalton Farm and its character. If you wish to make any changes to your property, you must apply to the ARB for approval. The ARB will evaluate your application against the ARB guidelines and notify you of whether your application was approved or denied.

Overview Required to submit an ARB application

Please drop your submission off at the J&J Management Services On-Site Management Office in the Roosevelt House. There is a mail slot in the office door for your convenience. Please do not mail your submission to the Wallkill office as this may cause you to miss the monthly deadline! The ARB deadline is the first of the month. All submissions received after that date will be held until the following month.

Get ARB Form here

ARB Guidelines

All ARB submissions should consider the impact on the neighbor’s view.

Pools and Hot Tubs

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Propane Tanks

Temporary Structures

Windows and Doors